How Does Print Conductor Work?

Print Conductor’s special ability is to automatically dispatch documents to other programs for printing.

office applicationsThis means Microsoft Word or OpenOffice must be installed on your computer to print a folder with text documents. Adobe Reader or Adobe Acrobat is required to print PDF files. Microsoft Visio or Autodesk AutoCAD is needed for printing engineering drawings. Printing spreadsheets requires Microsoft Excel, and printing presentations requires Microsoft PowerPoint.

Chances are you already have these programs. After all, you must have had a way to print your documents before your found Print Conductor.

Ways to Use Print Conductor

Print Conductor offers a single interface for bulk printing and batch converting various types of documents. Add documents to a list using drag & drop, the “Open file” dialog, or automatically scan a selected folder and its subfolders for specific documents types. Sort documents by file name or type, preview them before printing, and/or print a subset of the documents in the list. Document lists can be saved to file for subsequent reuse.

Please watch these videos to learn how to use Print Conductor software to solve typical tasks you may have.