Where to Find Print Conductor Log Files

In case of an error or issue related to Print Conductor, we may ask you to send us the log files. Here's how to find them on your computer.

How to export a ZIP file with recent log files and Print Conductor Settings (.ini)

We recommend sending us the latest logs along with your current Print Conductor Settings in a ZIP archive. Creating this archive is easy:

  1. Click the logo icon in the program's top left corner
  2. Choose Export log files…
  3. Ensure that Add Print Conductor Settings to the exported file option is checked
  4. Click Export

How to export a ZIP file with recent log files and Print Conductor Settings (.ini)

Please note that this option is available starting from Print Conductor version 8.0. If you use an older version, use another way below (and we recommend you upgrade to the latest version for a better experience).

Other ways to locate Print Conductor logs

1. Open log folder from the interface

Open Print Conductor and click the program's icon in the top left corner and choose Open log folder…

Print Conductor Serial Number and Version Number

2. Open log folder from Windows Explorer

Alternatively, you can locate log files using Windows Explorer. Open any Windows folder and enter this path in the address bar: 

%TEMP%\Print Conductor-Log

Open log files folder from Windows Explorer

Did you know?
You can change the location where Print Conductor must keep log files. To do it, find the Logfile folder setting in the Advanced Settings and set a new path.
Change log files location in Print Conductor

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