How to Automate Printing Folders of Documents?

Whether or not you work for the juridical company, the construction company, or any other company providing services to clients, the documentation you work with is usually saved in folders.

There is no way to avoid document printing – from time to time documents need to be printed out for business meetings, for sharing with clients, etc. In case you need to print all the documentation saved in the folder, it's frustrating to open each document and print it separately.

The much simpler solution is to make use of the special software that is a master of folder printing. It means that the documents saved in the selected folder will be printed automatically.

Print Conductor is the software for printing documents automatically. Use drag-and-drop option: select the folder you wish to print out, drag it and drop it in the Print Conductor window. Then press Start, and all your documents will be printed!

Supported Formats

Print Conductor can automate printing PDF files, Microsoft Word documents, Excel worksheets, AutoCAD drawings, PowerPoint presentations, JPEG and TIFF image files and so on.

How it Works?

Print Conductor releases you from unnecessary actions: you will not need to open the document, click "print", go to the second document, click "print" again and so on. Automate folder printing task with Print Conductor. Do something less tedious and more useful for yourself, while Print Conductor will do the donkey work!

Command Line Printing Automation

2Printer is the command line tool for printing documents. This software is designed to be used as a printing component in the document workflow.

2Printer can be installed on the workstation or on the server and run with Windows Scheduler or from your company document management system.

By using 2Printer software system administrator automatic folder printing can take place not only on each customer's level, but even on the enterprise level for all employees!

Server-side Hot Folder Printing Automation

FolderMill is server-side alternative of Print Conductor. Usually, FolderMill installed on the office server and monitored "hot folders" selected by system administrator.

System administrator shared these "hot folders" in the local network. And the employee just copy documents need to be printed to these network folders.

When new document or image file appears in a hot folder, FolderMill can print it on any available printer or save it as PDF. Operations applied to incoming files are defined by the list of actions, connected to the hot folder.