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fCoder has been developing IT solutions for organizing effective work with documents since 1998. We offer print management software for business representatives, companies with medium and high document workflows, governmental, public and non-profit organizations. Our main areas of development are document print automation, image processing, and conversion of files into various graphic formats.


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Document Workflow Solutions

Our specialists develop products for file converting and batch printing of various types of documents. By improving our programs, we are working to level up the efficiency and security of the document circulation. We also make sure that the most important documents for the company do not lose their quality during the conversion process, preserving all the graphic elements and fonts in their original form.

Print Management Software

One of the flagship products is Print Conductor - a powerful utility for automating batch printing of files of more than 70 types. Print Conductor has received good response in B2B niche, since it makes the configuration of batch printing very easy and consists of only three steps. The first version was released in 2007, and we keep the program up-to-date by releasing regular updates. The first version had a very plain interface, and the program supported a small number of formats. Over time, the number of formats grew, new functions and support for new languages ​​were added.

The program got a new interface design 5 years later, we added support for virtual printing and API for developers as well as many other features. In 2016, the graphical interface of the program was completely redesigned. We did not overload it with numerous menus, given the fact that many new features appeared. But we kept the simplicity and convenience of the main menu and made it in a modern visual style, inspired by Windows 10. The number of supported formats already exceeds 70, and we keep adding support for more and more specialized formats.

Now Print Conductor supports 32-bit and 64-bit systems and all the latest versions of Windows since Windows XP, as well as Microsoft Windows Server 2003, 2008, 2012 and 2016.

Command-Line Printing Software

2Printer has become an effective component for developers. This tool performs similar tasks as Print Conductor, but via the command line interface (CLI). 2Printer does not have a graphical interface and is used by system administrators as a component for so-called "silent printing" within a company's workflow.

Automated Document Processing Software

In 2008 we released the first version of a program for processing files in real time - FolderMill. Since then, FolderMill has become a highly demanded software solution among various companies thanks to its simple yet effective Hot Folder concept. The program creates Incoming and Output folders and "watches" incoming files. Once a user defines Actions for incoming files, FolderMill processes these files, and the output files appear almost immediately. FolderMill can automatically print or convert files, and perform other tasks: filter, copy, rename, apply watermark, save documents to image or PDF as well as run custom-made scripts. In 2016, the version of FolderMill with the ability to work in Windows service mode was released.

Virtual Printer Software

In 2000, we released Universal Document Converter. It is a virtual printer for converting files. Since then, the program has not lost its relevance - we release updates for it at least every year. The program is very easy to use and stable, it has flexible functionality for conversion of files.

Batch Conversion Software

DocuFreezer, released in 2014, fills up fCoder's conversion software. It is a simple application, which can convert files in batches. DocuFreezer allows you to convert various documents into images (TIFF, JPEG, PNG) or PDF format,"freezing" the original appearance of incoming files.

Image Processing Software

We also develop software for batch conversion of graphic files. Photo studios, design and advertising agencies, printing houses, media representatives and basic users often deal with editing and processing of high-quality images. Our software solutions allow you to easily convert graphics and photos from highly specialized formats (RAW, PSD, PCX and many others) to widely used formats such as PDF, TIFF or JPEG.

In 1998, we released the first version of ImageConverter Plus. Image Converter Plus is an effective tool to convert multiple images from one format to another in batches. Then, in 1999, the first version of PhotoMix was launched. Although PhotoMix focused primarily on collage creation, its functionalities were later expanded. Later on, in 2000, we released 2JPEG and 2TIFF - image conversion utilities designed specifically for system administrators, software developers and professional photographers.

We really value our customers around the world and the attention of the media companies which write about us, such as Chip, PC Answers, PC go! And DigitalPhoto Camera.