How to Automatically Move, Copy or Delete Files after Printing

You can control what should be done with the files after batch printing: do nothing, move, copy, or delete. Print Conductor allows you to copy or move the source files to a user-defined folder or delete them when the batch print session is complete. 

Move, copy or delete files after a batch print job

To configure post processing actions, follow these steps:

Open Print Conductor Settings

1. Open Print Conductor and go to Settings.

Switch to Advanced Settings

2. Switch to the Advanced tab.

Find post processing section

3. Find Post Processing section (start typing "post processing" in the search bar)

Select copy, move or delete action

4. Use control settings:
  • Successfully printed files
  • Files that failed to print

By default, no post-processing action is selected (None). Therefore, all your files will remain where they were before printing with Print Conductor. If you want to move them somewhere, you can do it as needed, using these four options:

  • Copy to folder
  • Move to folder
  • Delete files
  • None

Please note that selecting the Delete files option will result in removing the files from your computer. They will be deleted without going to the Recycle Bin.

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