Print tons of PDF files, text files or images with just a couple of clicks using Print Conductor 4.1!

fCoder Group, Inc. has announced the release of Print Conductor version 4.1. The software now allows collating pages and splitting documents using cover page.

Most of the offices still physically print a large number of papers; and this task is inevitable for documentary exchange. Still, when each document is printed individually, the task becomes pretty tedious and takes a lot of time.

Standard Windows means can simplify the printing necessity making it possible to print up to 15 pages in a row by drag-and-dropping your files to the printer icon. But the limited number of pages causes inconveniences; plus, the order of the printed pages are random.

The next level automatic printing abilities are offered by Print Conductor. The software will completely automate the printing task. The number of documents to be printed is not limited. All you need to do is to add the files to the list and click "Start".

Print Conductor is able to automate printing of PDF, Text, HTML, Microsoft Word, Excel, Publisher, Visio, AutoCAD, PowerPoint, OpenOffice and image files such as JPG, TIFF, PNG, etc. Customers can select the order of documents in the printing queue, select specific range of pages, change the number of copies to print, collate pages of documents and add cover page to each document.

The type of paper for the cover page can also vary. By using a different type of paper, such as cardboard, document separation becomes much simpler.

New features released in Print Conductor 4.1:

  • New settings panel allowing quick change of the most popular printing preferences
  • Optional cover page for each printed document
  • Printing one or several copies of the same document
  • Collating pages of documents
  • Printing all pages or just specific pages of a certain range
  • Microsoft Word as a default processor for HTML and HTM files printing
  • Print PDF files using Adobe Acrobat, Adobe Reader or internal PDF printing engine.

Print Conductor 4.1 is free for non-commercial use. It can be downloaded on:

The cost of the commercial version of the product is $49. Customers, who purchase 5 or more licenses, can get a discount.