Nearly Perfect Batch Printing Solution – the Print Conductor

Reading the articles on a monitor screen or on a tablet is not comfortable, so I prefer to have them printed. It’s much easier to read and to make notes if you have your pdfs printed. But If there are several or even tens of articles you want to print, the task becomes somewhat arduous, as you have to open each file separately, choose print, check the options, click ok and then repeat the whole process with the next article. That is when batch printing comes in handy.

Once you start looking for batch printing software, especially free one, you will find Print Conductor almost instantaneously, as most search engines list it among the very first search results. That is how I found it several months ago and have been using it ever since.

The software is easy to install and use. You need no IT degree to get it running on your computer. You do not have to be a computer geek to use it, as long as you know how to drag and drop files, you will have no problems with using Print Conductor, because that is exactly how you prepare a list of documents you want to batch print – you just drag them and drop onto the Print Conductor’s main screen. That does not matter whether you want to print pdf, MS Word, MS Excel or the Open/LibreOffice documents. Print Conductor will easily handle them all (in the matter of fact it is able to handle many more document formats, check to get all currently supported formats). Of course, you can drag and drop different types of documents into a single list. Once you have your list ready there is just one thing for you to do: click the Print button.

Print Conductor comes in two flavours: free and commercial. The first and the most visible difference between those two is the warning in a free version that it prints a summary of the job done on the last page printed. The summary is also a kind of an advertisement. Fortunately, it is printed as an extra page and it in no way messes the things you print. Although such limitation is not an eco-friendly, I admit I like it a lot more than if the Print Conductor added some kind of a watermark on the pages printed.

During the several months I’ve been using it, Print Conductor has been doing its job perfectly. The piece of software is rock solid, has not crashed not even once. It has minimal hardware and software requirements and will work both on modern machines equipped with astronomical amounts of RAM and running the latest MS Windows 10, as well it will run on a rather archaic XP SP3 machine. Full system requirements are available on the download page of the software:

Jacek Ceiwokdaizd, Poland