Bulk Printing Documents

fCoder specialists developed two programs to make bulk printing documents a breeze! With Print Conductor and 2Printer, companies can increase efficiency and ultimately decrease costs.

Print Conductor enables companies to print documents in bulk with a few mouse clicks. Simply add all the documents you want to be printed to a list within Print Conductor and let the software do the rest.

Using Print Conductor

With Print Conductor, office employees no longer have to open each file one at a time and send it to a printer. Now users can have all their documents printed at once. 

The configuration is very flexible, and settings can be applied to the entire list of files or each file individually. Print Conductor also allows users to set a specific range of pages, omit specific pages, set page collation, insert a cover page between copies, and much more.

Print Conductor Compatibility

Print Conductor is compatible with all types of printers. Employees can print documents in bulk with a desktop printer, a network printer, or even a virtual printer. 

This software supports dozens of file formats. They include PDF, Microsoft Office filetypes, AutoDesk AutoCAD drawings, images, and much more. These features let companies spend less time on printing documents and use saved time to do other things.


Another software product from fCoder that also supports printing documents in bulk is 2Printer. It is very similar to Print Conductor, with a significant difference is that 2Printer works via a command line prompt. This makes 2Printer very popular and easy to use for system administrators, software developers, and IT departments. The program even allows scheduling a print job. Employees don't even need to be at work to print their documents. Instead, a bulk print job can be scheduled at night or when electricity is least expensive.

Like Print Conductor, 2Printer is also compatible with any type of printing device. The number of documents employees can print in bulk is also unlimited.

Scheduling Bulk Printing

2Printer can also save companies money by configuring it to work with Windows Task Scheduler. A company's administrators can set 2Printer to bulk print documents at any time of day or any day of the week. Imagine, all your bulk printing jobs can take place on the weekend, and all printouts will be ready-to-use on Monday morning.

System administrators can also create script files to automate bulk printing of documents saved in specific folders. This is very easy to do because Windows batch file syntax is very simple. All an administrator needs to do is create a new file in Notepad, paste a line (see example below) and save the file as "test.bat".

2Printer.exe -s "C:\Input\*.PDF" -prn "Xerox 2050" -copies 5

Now when a user double executes this BAT file, 5 copies of each PDF file, located in the folder "C:\Input", will be automatically printed to the "Xerox 2050" printer. Administrators can use this template to set up batch jobs to print documents from any folder on a computer.

Ease of Use

Both programs are easy-to-use. The company's employees don't need training on any specific software or user interface. Instead, they only need to place documents into a specific folder. And 2Printer will bulk print files in the manner, and at day or nighttime, the administrator configured it. The same is true with Print Conductor. When some print settings need to be changed quickly – this can be done via an intuitive graphical interface.

Administrators, developers, and other IT professionals can also use VB-script, CMD and PHP files to create scripts. Developers and even embed code with 2Printer.exe into their software to bulk print documents.

Together, Print Conductor and 2Printer give companies more capabilities and enable more efficiencies than ever before. Bulk printing documents has never been easier!