How to Print XPS Documents

Microsoft introduced the XPS format specification in 2006 making it an alternative to Adobe PDF. In 2009 XPS was acknowledged by ISO as one of the means for documentary exchange.

Technically, an XPS document is a ZIP-archive containing an XML document together with its fonts and digital images.

XPS document viewers are included in the Microsoft Office package starting from version of 2007. To print XPS you can make use of available Microsoft Office tools, but the files in this case will be printed one by one.

Batch XPS printing is possible with Print Conductor. This software provides support for all types of printers and has a trial version for free evaluation.

How to Convert XPS to PDF?

Print Conductor is compatible with printers made of metal and plastic, as well as with virtual printers, such as Universal Document Converter or PDF Creator. Thus, you can convert XPS to PDF, or XPS to JPG and other image formats, such as TIFF, PNG, etc. simply "printing" them with a virtual printer.