PDF Printing Software

Why printing documents is still actual? And how to implement PDF printing in your office?

Electronic means of data transference have significantly increased the speed of documentary exchange for B2B and B2C business types. Still, the necessity to print documents on paper still exists even in countries that are considered to be world leaders, i.e. USA or Germany.

In other countries, for example, in Russia, electronic document workflow is still supplementary. Priority is given to regular paperwork, and manufacturers of printing utilities feel perfect and don't think of product "conversion".

Documentary exchange normally takes place in the PDF format. To exchange graphic files, there are used formats such as JPG or TIFF.

Requirements to corporate workflow standardization are not so strict, and for this reason more unusual solutions may apply, for example, saving documents as HTML or XPS files.

Printing just a couple of documents is easy and is done by clicking "Print" button in Adobe Reader if the document needs to be printed as a PDF file, or via the Windows Photo Viewer in case one needs to print a photo or a scanned document. Unfortunately, none of these solutions work if you have to print dozens of documents daily.

To print documents in batch mode fCoder Group, Inc. has developed the printing software called Print Conductor. The program is very easy to use: add the documents to the list, select the desired printer and click "Start". There are no limits to the number of documents that can be printed during one session!

System integrators dealing with document workflow also seek solutions for printing purposes. fCoder Group has developed 2Printer software to fulfill their requirements. This command line utility is suitable for being integrated into the document workflow, and for being used in solutions developed by independent software developers as a printing component.