Bulk Printing Software

Nowadays, printing documents may seem a little outdated. Modern technologies allow saving documents in a variety of formats that are able to display them on any possible devices without distortion of any kind. Energy-saving campaigns encourage saving paper and printing documents "virtually", i.e. using software saving them in PDF and other formats used for archival purposes.

But it's not possible to altogether avoid physical printing. Official documentation requires being signed and saved; technical documents have to be printed to be presented to different regulatory authorities; last but not least, it depends on the company general policy whether or not documentation is saved electronically or on paper.

At first sight,Printing tasks similar to the ones successfully solved by Print Conductor can be solved by its command line alternative. printing a document is one of the easiest tasks. Open the document, and click "print". Here we go – the printed document comes out of a printer. But imagine that there are hundreds of documents that need to be printed. The task becomes tedious and will cause frustration.

Print Conductor is the software that has been designed specifically to make the job of a person in charge of printing easier. It can print the documents in batch mode without having you open each document individually. Print Conductor works with 75+ types of documents and will all kinds of printers! And no matter how a printer is connected to user's computer – USB, Wi-Fi, wired, network, or via other means.

Converting documents from one format to another is also a necessity that is pretty frequent. Print Conductor is not a file conversion software. But still, it can benefit in the accomplishment of document conversion tasks too. When a virtual printer is used, the program can help convert many files to PDF or another format, thus making batch processing fast and seamless.

In case there are folders of documents, Print Conductor will take care of those. Even if there are hundreds of documents in one folder, they can be easily printed.

For confident users of command line tools, another similar solution is available – 2Printer. Its command-line alternative can solve printing tasks similar to the ones successfully solved by Print Conductor.

Print Conductor bulk printing software is free for non-commercial use and can be downloaded at: www.print-conductor.com/download