Automate Printing of Outlook MSG Files with Print Conductor 4.3!

Automatic printing of MSG files with attached documents is now possible with Print Conductor 4.3 that has just been released by fCoder Group, Inc.

There are a number of alternatives to physical document printing. Electronic document exchange is winning over businesses, but physical printing, including printing of e-mail messages cannot be avoided completely.

Printing emails is often necessary to present and discuss their contents during negotiations or business meetings. Having the contents of an email printed on paper is more convenient when business aspects need to be discussed during the round table talk vs. electronic correspondence. Printing each email referring to a specific topic individually may be problematic, so automatic printing of e-mails is advantageous.

Automatic printing of Microsoft Outlook e-mails offered by Print Conductor thus serves as an extra convenience. It can take place via the drag-and-drop function. Emails that are dragged to the Windows Explorer are first saved as files and can then be added to Print Conductor. Click "Start" to print them out.

Print Conductor can automatically print email attachments like PDF files, text documents and so on. This feature is available to be checked on the Settings panel.

For non-commercial purposes Print Conductor is free of charge. The price of the commercial license is $49. Discounts are possible when there are 5 or more licensed purchased.

Print Conductor 4.3 is available to download at: