Post on fCoder Blog about PDF printing methods in Print Conductor 5.2

We have released a new version of Print Conductor! In this regard we want to share with you a fresh article in our blog: Print Conductor 5.2: level-up in PDF printing automation

With the successful release of Print Conductor 5.2, first of all, we would like to show off our new developments that we made for our software. It was an intense experience and challenging time spending for us:

  • 2 months spent on programming and coding
  • 2 months spent on benchmarking and tests
  • 2 months spent on picking and testing a new commercial library for PDF
  • 1 weekend spent on teambuilding activities 🙂
  • 2 weeks spent on analysing the market and competitive software
  • enormous amount of coffee consumed

TOTAL: 6 months spent on development

We implemented a new PDF library component, made actual tests on overall performance of our software and introduced more tasty and useful features in Print Conductor 5.2.

In our blog we will keep posting interesting facts and reports on our developments, researches and the problems and challenges we face. You should definitely bookmark it 😉

With the progress we made so far, we are not complacent. We need your feedback and ideas to make our software even better and seize opportunities to customize it to your needs.

Please stay tuned for more news and follow our blog!