Print Conductor 3.2: API for Developers + Printing XPS Documents

fCoder Group, Inc. has announced the release of Print Conductor version 3.2. This new software version provides support for the XPS format - decent alternative to PDF created by Microsoft. There are also special resources for software developers, such as API enabling professionals to utilize Print Conductor for their corporate needs.

Print Conductor has been designed to print documents and images in batch mode. The software supports different document variations and can process presentations, diagrams and charts. Batch mode orientation will release you from opening each document individually: the settings allow printing all the 156 documents you need to print today: just add them all to the list, select the printer and click "Start". These documents then stand in a line to be printed, but this does save your time significantly, right?

Print Conductor is able to print documents with any printer connected to your computer, and can also print documents with the virtual printer, such as PDF Creator, or Universal Document Converter. Thus, all the 156 documents you intend to print can be simultaneously converted to JPG, PNG, TIFF, etc.

Public API of Print Conductor 3.2 contains all methods to import the list of files created by your own script or utility, which may seem quite useful for system integrators or software developers allowing them to automate the printing process.

If intended for non-commercial use, Print Conductor is free of charge. Educational institutions, nonprofit organizations, etc. can benefit from using Print Conductor without spending a penny.

If intended for commercial use, Print Conductor can be purchased at $49. Discounts are available if you purchase 5 or more licenses.

Educational institutions, where students need to pay for their studies, can still apply to the support service to get a discounted license.