How to Print MHT and HTML Files in Batch Mode?

MHT file extension stands for the MIME HTML file format, more commonly known as MHTML. This file format represents a webpage of HTML code together with accompanying elements, such as flash, animation, images, audio files, etc. MHTML files are often referred to as MHT, and most often this happens when they created by Internet Explorer or Opera. Anyway, both MHTML and MHT mean exactly the same files of similar origins.

HTML is an abbreviation for HyperText Markup Language. HTML files are come across quite often in the document workflow. They are less complicated in their structure and contain illustrated text coming from a web page.

System requirements for printing MHT and HTML files

To print MHT, HTML and HTM files, Print Conductor software requires Microsoft NET Framework version 4.0 installed on the computer. This framework is already installed on almost all modern computers as a part of Windows OS or as a part of Microsoft Office kit.

In case Microsoft NET Framework 4.0 is not installed on your computer, Print Conductor will show you an error message when you try to add MHT, HTML or HTM files to the list.

To be able to print, simply download and run Microsoft NET Framework 4.0 installation from: