Batch Print MHT and HTML Files using Print Conductor 4.6!

Batch printing of PDF files, text documents, images, CAD drawings, charts and presentations – this is the main task that Print Conductor solves. A new version of this software product can additionally automate printing of MHT files. DOCX and HTML files printing algorithms are also improved.

Print Conductor is not only a helper for people who need to print tons of documents on the laptop or personal computer. This software also has public API and lets system administrators and software developers integrate Print Conductor into the corporate workflow system.


"I needed to print huge amounts of customer invoices every single month. Thousands in fact. I had to print each single file one by one, and the chances of errors were high. And at my work, errors are not tolerated.

Lots of time is spent on clicking the Print Button to print documents one by one, and then on checking each of them for every single customer. I hated this part of the job, as I felt that my time could be better spent elsewhere.

I chanced upon Print Conductor, and bought it in a heartbeat. This software seems to be a dream that comes true!

However, things didn't go as smoothly as expected. Due to the unique software requirements by my company, printed HTML documents layout looked a little bit different than it should.

But this is not the end! The Print Conductor software support is awesome. Within 1 day of contact, they modified the software to fit my company's needs. This is unprecedented for me, and I wished my IT department was half as competent!

The day came when I needed to do the monthly mundane job of printing invoices, and everything went on smoothly, with every invoice printed and accounted for.

Incredible piece of software, and incredible software support you have. Thanks a lot!"

Tian Jie Ng from Singapore

Licensing and Availability

Print Conductor 4.6 is available for download free of charge for non-commercial usage and for evaluation at:

Commercial license for 1 user costs $49. Volume discount is available for ordering 5 or more licenses:

Site license lets system integrators deploy and activate Print Conductor on all computers in all offices of the company.