Print Text Documents in Batch Mode with Print Conductor 4.5

Print Conductor software lets the customers print text documents in batch mode. The new version of Print Conductor contains improvements in the Microsoft Word DOCX files printing algorithm.

Nowadays writing texts on the paper is practiced only in primary schools or just for fun. In all other cases people use text editors to type documents, even if they need to have text documents on paper only.

The most used text editors today are Microsoft Word, OpenOffice Writer and Notepad. Print Conductor can automate printing text documents created with any of these text editors!

Notepad is the simplest text editor and can work with plain text files only. But in some cases you may have a bulk of files with TXT extension that should be printed as well. Print Conductor can print text files in batch mode immediately after the user installs it, because Notepad is deployed in any Microsoft Windows computer as a default operation system component.

Microsoft Office Started Edition is also deployed on the majority of modern Windows laptops. Unfortunately, this free edition of Microsoft Office doesn't have API for applications automation. As a result, customer has to choose between the commercial version of Microsoft Office Word or free OpenOffice kit installation.

Print Conductor 4.5 can print DOC, DOCX and TXT files in batch mode more effectively than before. Also, a few file types have been added to the list of documents Print Conductor can print.

One thing though remains the same with the new version of Print Conductor: it is still free for non-commercial and evaluation purposes!

The new version of Print Conductor is available to download on:

Commercial license costs $49 US and may be ordered on:

Special offers for business users include noticeable discounts for purchasing 5 or more licenses and for purchasing Site License for unlimited usage on all computers within one company.