How to Use Print Reports

This article describes how to use and set up reporting in Print Conductor in order to get useful statistical data on your print jobs. Thanks to three types of built-in reports, you can analyze your print activity and paper costs.

This article describes Print Conductor 7.0. Please refer to the article How to Get Reports on Print Jobs if you're using an earlier version.

Before printing: Print estimation report

Before a batch print session starts, you can estimate how much paper will be needed. The Print estimation report is a preliminary report dialog, which:

  • predicts the quantity of paper that will be used;
  • displays document names;
  • shows all document types;
  • calculates the total number of pages.

Estimate a print job before a batch print session

Using this Print estimation report, you'll know:

  • What documents and document types will be printed; 
  • How many pages are estimated to print;
  • How much paper will be used.

To enable this feature, go to Settings > Advanced and check the Show print estimation report setting:

Estimate the amount of paper needed for printing

By the way...

In previous versions of Print Conductor, this feature is known as the Pre-print report.

Adjusting the Print estimation report

In the Statistics section of Advanced settings, you can slightly modify the reports.

1. Show number of color and B/W pages ☑

How many color and black-and-white pages will be printed in the current session? You can adjust the Print estimation report to additionally show this information:

Separate color from black-and-white pages for printing

Thanks to this setting, you can learn beforehand which pages are color or black-and-white and consider the printing costs involved! This report can also be saved as a PDF – click the Save as PDF button. 

2. Show exact number of pages ☑

Print Conductor accesses every file within a List of Documents to retrieve information about it. It checks the number of pages contained in each file. By default, this process is quick, and the number of pages might be incorrect. If you want to see the 100% the exact number of pages, check the setting Show exact number of pages:

Show exact number of pages

When this setting is on, the report generation and checking the number of pages will take longer.

After printing: Detailed report

You can get a brief summary – Detailed report – after the print session is over. Click the Show detailed report button when the "Job is finished" dialog window appears.

Detailed report after the batch print session

The Detailed report page can also be saved as a PDF. 

Types of detailed reports

In the Settings > Advanced > Statistics, you can select between three types of detailed reports:

Type of reportDescription
SummaryThe standard detailed report, set by default. It contains document names & types, printed pages, and total printed documents.
Summary without pagesThe standard detailed report, but without information on printed pages.
Summary on each folderA brief summary of files from different folders, including folder paths and document names.

To select a type of detailed report, go to Settings > Advanced > Detailed report type:

Detailed report type

After printing: Report page

You can set Print Conductor to print a post-print report page along with your documents. In this case, an extra page will be printed:

Print job completion report

It shows the total number of documents printed in batch mode via Print Conductor since the installation of the program. It contains a chart with all types of documents successfully printed in the current session and their quantity.

By the way...

In previous versions of Print Conductor, this feature is known as the Final report.

To turn on printing of report page, check the Print report page checkbox at Settings > Common > Service pages:

Enable printing report page in Print Conductor


The report page cannot be disabled if you're using the free evaluation version of Print Conductor. Having a commercial license, you'll be able to uncheck this option.

Remove report page limitation of Print Conductor free version

Set paper size and paper source for the report page

For the report page, you can set a specific paper size as well as select a paper source (input printer tray). 

Learn how to set paper size for service pages →

Learn how to select paper source for service pages →

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