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Print Conductor 5.5: Simulate Overprinting for PDF Files, Printing of Script Files and Interface Improvements

Meet new Print Conductor 5.5! In this update: simulate overprinting feature for PDFs, newly supported Microsoft Project MPP, BAT, CMD, Java, VBS, PS1 and PS1M formats, more options to sort files in the list of documents and other features

Comments June 14, 2017


Print Conductor 5.4: Printing Corrupted PDF, MSG, XLS Files & Barcodes

Automate your routine processes with Print Conductor 5.4. In this update: printing Zebra ZPL barcodes, fixing certain corrupted PDF, MSG and XLS files before printing, new fonts rendering algorithm, localization to Polish and other features.

Comments March 5, 2017


Print Faster with Multi-threaded Processing Core!

We released new Print Conductor 5.3. with better performance and new features. Batch print PDF and image files faster thanks to improved print engine, print SWF, HPGL and PLT files and check new features available for Microsoft Word documents and AutoCAD drawings in the new version!

Comments January 9, 2017


Post on fCoder Blog about PDF printing methods in Print Conductor 5.2

We have been busy developing a new version of Print Conductor and we finally made it. Showcasing a new post in our blog – which is definitely worth your attention.

Comments October 3, 2016


Printing lots of PDFs? Print Conductor 5.2 will do the job for you!

fCoder Group, Inc. releases new Print Conductor 5.2. with better performance and new features. Batch print files directly from a RAR- or a ZIP-archive, get better quality prints thanks to improved PDF engine, estimate the amount of paper required for printing and much more in the new version!

Comments September 26, 2016


New Print Conductor Interface: User Reviews

We are getting positive reviews of new interface of Print Conductor 5.0 from our users. Here you will find some of them.

Comments May 4, 2016


New Print Conductor 5.1 Works Better with Microsoft Excel and Word

A new version of Print Conductor 5.1 features the ability to sort files in “Open” window and improvements in working with Microsoft Excel and Word.

Comments April 13, 2016


Print Conductor 5.0: “Level Up” in Document Batch Printing Usability!

The new version of Print Conductor is already getting rave reviews from users around the world. With a ton of new capabilities this version of Print Conductor will make batch printing documents easier than ever before. Join our users’ club and download a free copy of Print Conductor today to see just how powerful and helpful this software is!

Comments February 18, 2016


Coming soon: Print Conductor 5.0 with a new Interface

It is time to release the new version of Print Conductor! It includes many new features and improvements. The most noticeable change is the new design of our graphical user interface. Today I am going to show it to you and explain how we at fCoder developed it.

Comments January 26, 2016


Print Conductor 4.9 is ready to Batch Print WordPerfect Files!

The latest version of Print Conductor – popular software for automatic document printing has been released by fCoder Group, Inc. Print Conductor version 4.9 is enriched with more capabilities thus releasing its users from unnecessary routine tasks.

Comments September 14, 2015