Print Conductor Helps Students Print Individual Student Reports

Mark Lawrence is one of Print Conductor active users. He works as an IT technician at Spalding Academy located in Lincolnshire, United Kingdom. He has successfully incorporated Print Conductor into the workflow of his school and sent us his feedback.

Time spent printing Student Reports drastically reduced by using Print Conductor Software

  • Avoids any issues resulting from merging multiple documents to a single PDF file
  • Full printer options available: double sided printing allowing for more economic use of paper
  • Easy to use interface for staff members, minimal IT support required

Reducing the time Spent Printing Microsoft Office Documents: 400+ Individual Student Report Word Documents Required to be printed.

The school receptionist was sent a printing job by a Teacher with the following specification:

  • print out all of the files contained within multiple folders, double sided on green paper.
  • additional copy of each, on white, for office use.

IT support was tasked with finding a solution that was more efficient than manually opening and sending each document to be printed. Several solutions were explored:

Using windows explorer to select multiple documents > right click > print

This option still required each document to be opened by the user’s PC and confirmation boxes to be selected.

Merging all documents to a single PDF

Not all the documents contained an even number of pages, which would cause issues for double sided printing. PDF file size would have also been an issue requiring multiple documents to have been created.

Print Conductor

Provided an easy to use interface, with folder import feature allowing the correct folders to be selected and sent to the printer. Allowed access to full printer settings for preferred print finish. Only manual changing of paper colour required.

Print Conductor provides all the features required to efficiently automate the process of batch printing multiple files. Easy to install and incorporate into the work flow of the school.

Print Conductor is now installed as a permanent solution for our school’s receptionist to efficiently batch print any requests from staff using the school’s main photocopier. This allows time to be freed up for other daily essential tasks.

Mark Lawrence
Spalding Academy (IT Technician)