How to Print Office Documents in Batch Mode?

Nowadays each computer user knows how to create a text document or an electronic table. To do so one is likely to make use of Microsoft Office products, or alternatively, OpenOffice products that offer all or at least some solutions free of charge.

Print Conductor will recognize, accept and print the documents created by both Microsoft Office and OpenOffice applications. The table below shows what software is required for printing each type of file.

Unfortunately, Microsoft Office Starter Edition does not provide API for developers. This makes it necessary to install its commercial editions, such as Microsoft Office Professional and Microsoft Office Business so that Print Conductor can utilize the available API. As an alternative, you can simply install either OpenOffice or LibreOffice – they both are free of charge.

Document TypeRequired Software
DOC, DOCX, RTFMicrosoft Word (2003 or newer) or OpenOffice or LibreOffice Suite
XLS, XLSX, XLSMMicrosoft Excel (2003 or newer) or Open Office or Libre Office Suite
PPT, PPTX, PPS, PPSXMicrosoft PowerPoint (2003 or newer) or OpenOffice or Libre Office Suite
MSGMicrosoft Office Outlook
VSD, VSDXMicrosoft Visio 2003 or newer
PUBMicrosoft Office Publisher
ODT, ODS, ODP, ODG, ODFOpenOffice or Libre Office Suite
WPCMicrosoft Word (97 or newer)