Print PDF Documents Free of Charge!

Automatic printing of documents is one of the biggest desire, and alongside with it, one of the biggest challenge office workers come across. Document printing does not imply special skills and can be easily fulfilled, but have you ever thought how much time you spend on printing if there are hundreds of documents that need to be printed?

Print documents with Print Conductor – the software that is meant for making printing documents less tedious and more automatic. Print Conductor software is able to print PDF, XPS, HTML, JPG, DOC, PPT, XLS in batch mode without any limits in the number of documents and the number of copies required.

The program has been updated in many ways: there are new formats added, and there are some changes introduced in the software interface. Among the new formats now supported by Print Conductor 4.5 are PowerPoint PPS, PPSX, and Java. Print Conductor 4.5 is available in several languages, and the most recent one added to the software interface is Slovenian.

Mikhael Bolgov, vice-president of fCoder Group, Inc. says:

"Print Conductor software will automate printing of documents within the office environment. Today most of our customers use it to print PDF documents in batch mode. Print Conductor is also able to print HTML, XPS and image files, Microsoft Office and OpenOffice documents, AutoCAD and Solidworks drawings. Full list of supported file formats includes more than 50 positions.

Also, our company has developed 2Printer command line tool. This software offers perfect solutions for system integrators and independent software developers letting them use 2Printer as a document printing core for their own projects.

There were two reasons that served as the basis for software development by fCoder Group, Inc.:

  1. We needed a simple tool to automate testing compatibility of Universal Document Converter with different office and CAD software applications. Universal Document Converter is a virtual printer letting everyone simply save documents as PDF files or image files (JPG, TIFF, PNG, etc.)

  2. Our customers requested automatic printing capabilities they could practice in the office, and as result, we have a lot of happy customers who use Print Conductor and 2Printer software programs to print documents, drawings and image files in batch mode instead of opening each document, then printing it, then closing the document, opening the next one, printing it, etc.

The biggest challenge we came across when working on Print Conductor was its compatibility with different versions of the programs, such as Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Visio, Autodesk AutoCAD, OpenOffice, and so on. Print Conductor uses public API available with these applications. Depending on the Microsoft Office version, the API works differently for different customers. Microsoft has just announced new Office 2016 and we should download and install it to keep Print Conductor updated.

We have just released Print Conductor 4.5 with additional capacity to print PowerPoint PPS and PPSX files upon requests of our customers. Future versions of Print Conductor will definitely support more file formats, such as MHTML (files with MHT extension) and Photoshop PSD, because again, this will satisfy requests of our customers."

Availability and Licensing

Print Conductor is free for private usage and for evaluation. You can make use of the software no matter where your company is located without any limits. Print even large numbers of documents saved in different formats free of charge.

In case the software is meant for commercial purposes, the price of the commercial license is $49.

Same financial conditions apply on 2Printer – it's free for non-commercial use, and the price of the commercial license is $149.

Claim for a discount if you purchase 5 or more licenses.

Print Conductor can be downloaded at:

2Printer command line tool can be downloaded at: