File Extension Aliases

If you have files in a supported format but with a non-standard file extension, Print Conductor won't process these files. However, you can still add and print them by using the File extension aliases tab to associate your files with an existing supported format.

This article applies to Print Conductor 9.1, which is currently under development and is available by request.

Map your own specific format to Print Conductor's supported formats

To associate files with non-standard extensions with supported formats:

  1. Identify your file extension. For example, if you have files like "Document.invoice", copy the "invoice" extension.
  2. Open Print Conductor Settings, navigate to File extension aliases, and click next to the format you want to associate your files with.
  3. In the dropdown list next to the selected format, type the file extension and click OK.

For instance, if you have [filename].invoice files that are essentially PDFs, associate your *.invoice files with the PDF format.

Files with extensions such as BAT, CMD, C, CPP, H, JAVA, JS, PHP, PS1, PS1M, РУ, VB, VBS are already associated with the TXT format.

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