Print Engine

Print Conductor utilizes various built-in and external helpers to process and print specific file types. For instance, PDF files can be processed with PatagamesPdfium, ABCPDF, or DirectPrintHelper.

This article applies to Print Conductor 9.1, which is currently under development and is available by request.

Print engine tab in Print Conductor

Usually, there's no need to change the print engine unless it's recommended by our support service.

Auto-select most suitable engine option

By default, the program automatically switches between different print engines (Auto-select most suitable engine is enabled), selecting the best printing method based on the user's settings. For instance, if duplex printing is chosen, some engines may not function. In this case, the program will switch to another engine.

If you disable the Auto-select most suitable engine option, Print Conductor will stick to the selected print engine instead of switching. The print engine in the second column will be applied.

Additional software for processing specific filetypes

When choosing an engine sometimes you will see "<Application name> not installed". This means that installing this application will enable a new processing method. For example, if Excel is installed on your computer, Print Conductor can process XLSX files via Excel.

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