Common Settings

This page provides descriptions of all settings available on the Common tab and their options.

This article applies to Print Conductor 9.1, which is currently under development and is available by request.

Print Conductor Common Settings window

Copies and Collation

This group of settings allows you to set the number of copies and the page sorting method – Number of copies and Collation

Number of copies

Indicate the number of document copies required in the Number field.

Number of copies (Copies and Collation)


Collation is the process of arranging individual sheets of your documents in a specific order. This feature is particularly useful when printing materials such as brochures, leaflets, and handouts for distribution to a group of people.

Set type of collation in Print Conductor

Available options:

  • By documents (default option)
  • By pages
  • As in printer

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To print the entire List of Documents multiple times, use the Print List of Documents N times setting. For instance, if you set it to 2, the program will print all the listed items and then the same list one more time.

Printing the List of Documents multiple times

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Color mode

Choose between Color or Grayscale (black/white, shades of gray) printing modes, or use a color profile determined by your printer.

Available options:

  • Color
  • Grayscale
  • As in printer

Set color mode in Print Conductor

Did you know that you can apply color mode to specific pages only, instead of all pages? To do this, use the setting Color mode for selected pages only.

Page orientation

You can set the orientation of your document's pages using the Page Orientation option.

Available options:

  • Portrait
  • Landscape
  • As in document
  • As in printer

Set page orientation in Print Conductor

Duplex mode

You have the option to configure printing on either both sides of the paper (Duplex, double-sided printing) or just one side (Simplex, one-sided printing). The default setting is determined by your printer (As in printer).

Available options:

  • One-sided (Simplex)
  • Long-edge binding (Duplex)
  • Short-edge binding (Duplex)
  • As in printer

Set duplex (double-sided) printing in Print Conductor

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Paper source for document

The Paper source for document option sets a paper source for blank sheets of paper which is usually a manual feed slot to insert blank paper sheets. It can be located on the front or rear panel of the printer, depending on the model. These slots may have different names, such as "Manual Feed Tray".

If your printer has multiple input trays, you can manually select the tray to use for Print Conductor. Use the dropdown menu to choose a specific printer tray. This selection will apply to all documents in the List.

Alternatively, you can let Print Conductor automatically select the best paper source based on the document's page size (Page size based).

Available options:

  • As in printer
  • Page size based
  • < List of printer trays provided by your printer >

Set paper source for document in Print Conductor

Did you know that you can configure the paper source not only for entire documents but also for:

Selection of these paper sources can be configured in the Advanced Settings.

Multiple pages per sheet

By default, pages are printed as they appear in the original document. If you want to fit several pages onto a single sheet for printing, use the Multiple pages per sheet or Booklet printing mode.

Available options:

  • Do not rearrange pages
  • Multiple pages per sheet
  • Booklet printing

Multiple pages per sheet modes in Print Conductor

Multiple pages per sheet mode

This mode allows you to arrange several pages on one sheet of paper. For example, 4 x 4 pages on one sheet.

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Booklet printing

The Booklet printing mode enables you to print a document in a format suitable for a booklet: four pages per sheet, double-sided, with the binding on either the left or the right side. After printing, you can assemble a booklet with pages that you can flip from left to right (or vice versa).

A full tutorial is coming soon...

Page range

In Print Conductor, you have the option to specify a page range for printing. This can be configured for all files or certain ones in the List of Documents. To adjust the page range, simply enter the page numbers and/or page ranges separated by commas.

Available options

  • All
  • Pages

Page range selection in Print Conductor

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Service pages

Service pages are optional additional pages that you can print alongside your documents. These are cover pages and report pages. 

Print Conductor service pages

The cover page distinguishes each new printed document (or document copy) from the previous one. It has multiple templates and additional options, so be sure to check the full tutorial on cover page usage.

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Print Conductor enables you to print a post-print Report page once the print session is complete. You can learn more about the Report page and other types of reports in our how-to article.

Learn more about the Report page

On the right side of the window, you'll find the Print preview and Summary. Changes made in the Common tab are reflected in either the Print preview or Summary. This UI element helps you visualize how the printouts will appear and understand which settings will be used during batch printing.

The text Summary is located below the Print preview. It indicates any changes that cannot be visually represented in the Print preview.

Print preview and Summary in Print Conductor

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