How to Change Print Settings with Print Conductor

Print Conductor has a variety of print options for individual batch print jobs. Once the necessary documents are added into the List of Documents, you can make print settings for all documents in the print queue or for each file individually. You can easily configure print options for every connected printer to your PC directly in the program interface, in the Printer Properties.

This article describes Print Conductor 6.3 or an earlier version. If you're using the latest version of Print Conductor, please refer to articles Document Printing Tips & Tricks and Page Printing Tips & Tricks.

Make print settings for all files in print queue

To modify print settings in Print Conductor, please do the following:

  1. Open Print Conductor
  2. Add documents into the List of Documents
  3. Select printer, which you want to use
  4. Go to "Settings"

Common Settings

Common Settings in Print Conductor

Below are the print settings available in the Common Settings:

Paper source for document

Select paper source (printer tray) in Print Conductor

Paper source for document option sets printer tray or manual feed slot for incoming print jobs. A separate slot called the Manual Feed Tray is usually located on the rear or front panel (depends on the printer model). Open the dropdown list in the Settings menu to select a specific printer tray - Tray 1 (2,3…), Manual Feed in Tray 1 (2,3…) or let Print Conductor Automatically select the paper source for your print jobs.

Choose paper source by document page size

Choose paper source by document page size in Print Conductor

With this option enabled, Print Conductor automatically determines the paper format of your documents and sends them to a certain printer tray, which fits best, depending on their paper size.

Page Range

Set page range in Print Conductor

If you don't want the whole document(s) printed, you can specify only the necessary pages using the Pages to print field. Print all pages and Pages to print options are available. Type in page ranges separated by commas starting from the beginning of the document. For example: 1,3,5-10,20-25.

Number of Copies

Set number of copies in Print Conductor

Specify the number of document copies in the Number field, depending on how many you need.

Type of Collation

Set type of collation in Print Conductor

Setting type of collation will have your printouts sorted in a convenient way. Collation means arranging of individual sheets of your documents or images into a  pre-defined sequence. It's a useful feature, if you print, for example, labels, brochures, leaflets, handouts or other media and then need to sort them into groups. Print Conductor can arrange your files in three ways: uncollated, by pages and by documents.


Uncollated printing in Print Conductor
All copies of a page are printed before printing copies of the next page. All copies of individual pages are arranged and printed together.

By Pages

Collation by pages in Print Conductor
Pages are printed in consecutive order. Print Conductor finishes one copy of the entire document before printing the next copy. All copies of each document are printed one by one.

By Documents

Collation by documents in Print Conductor
All documents in the List of Documents are printed in consecutive order, and then the next batch of the documents is printed (according to the number of copies)

Cover and Report Pages

Set cover page template in Print Conductor

Additional (separator and report) pages let you separate hard copies of documents and get reports on completed print jobs. You can make Print Conductor produce special additional pages - cover page templates and report pages - in the Common Settings.

Cover page

Cover page template can be used to separate printed copies of documents, so they don't get mixed after being printed out. You can use one of three templates for your convenience:

  • Standard
    A cover page template with filename of the printed document in a frame plus Print Conductor logo
  • No logo
    A cover page template with filename of the printed document in a frame without Print Conductor logo
  • Blank page
    A blank sheet of paper as a cover page template. It will separate printouts and will let you save extra ink and paper

Report Pages

  • Before the print session
    Place a check mark for Show Pre-Print dialog in the Advanced Settings menu, and Print Conductor will produce a preliminary report with all the documents listed, their file formats and estimated number of paper sheets required for each document.
  • After the print session
    Place a check mark for Print report page in the Common Settings menu, and Print Conductor will produce a final report. It is a summary on how many documents were successfully printed. It also indicates their filetypes and calculates the overall number of documents printed since installation of the program.

Paper source for additional pages option sets to which printer tray the cover page and the final report page will be sent.

Advanced Settings

Advanced Settings in Print Conductor

Below are the print settings available in the Advanced Settings:

Paper size

Paper size formats for your documents in Print Conductor

Set the necessary paper size format from the Paper size dropdown list. The types of paper size available are determined by the printer you've selected.


Orientation (page rotation) options in Print Conductor

Set page orientation for your documents using the Orientation option. You can select between:

  • Printer default
    Rotates document pages by default (as set in your Printer Properties)
  • Landscape
    Rotates document pages to landscape orientation (horizontally)
  • Portrait
    Rotates document pages to portrait orientation (vertically)

Duplex printing

Long-edge vs short-edge duplex printing with Print Conductor

Duplex printing settings in Print Conductor

Duplex option (printing on both sides of the paper) determines simplex - single-sided - or duplex - double-sided - printing modes. Duplex mode allows the printing on both sides of the paper automatically and therefore saves paper and ink. Duplex mode has two subtypes: long-edge binding and short-edge binding. In Print Conductor you can select between:

  • Simplex
    Simplex (one-sided) printing mode - prints on one side of the paper
  • Long-edge binding
    Duplex (two-sided) printing mode, flips pages on long edge (left edge for portrait, top edge for landscape)
  • Short-edge binding
    Duplex printing mode, flips pages on short edge (top edge for portrait, left edge for landscape)
  • Printer default
    Printing mode by default (as set in your Printer Properties)

Tip: Long-edge binding is best when printing a regular double-sided document on portrait orientation whereas short-edge binding is best for printing documents on landscape orientation double-sided.

Color and black & white settings

Set printing in color or grayscale mode in Print Conductor

Select color or grayscale (black & white) printing mode in Print Conductor. The following options are available:

  • Printer default
  • Printing in color
  • Printing in grayscale

Other options

Printer Properties

You can change the default settings of your printer, such as "Layout", "Paper/Quality", "Printing Shortcut" (depends on the printer model) by pressing the gear wheel button next to "Printer Properties". Your printer properties will take effect for parameters with "Printer default" selected in Print Conductor interface.

Check for updates

Checks if there are new updates available for Print Conductor. Make sure to have this option on to stay tuned for new updates!

Print attachments

Enables printing attachments for Microsoft Outlook EML and MSG, and PDF Portfolio filetypes

Print PDF annotations

Enables printing annotations for PDF files

Remember printer name and settings

Saving preferred print settings allows using the same printer name and its settings since the last print session

Show Pre-Print dialog

Enables showing preliminary report, see Before the print session


Print Conductor interface is available in 15 languages

Edit .ini file

Contains additional print settings for specific print tasks

How to make print settings for each document individually

Set individual print settings for each file in the print queue

Settings made in Print Conductor's interface apply to all documents and images added to the List of Documents. However, you can also change print settings for selected individual files or groups of files from the List - for example, to print only selected pages or to print more than one copy of the same document.

Setting individual print settings step-by-step:

  1. Select one or several items in the List of Documents
  2. Right-click them to open the context menu
  3. Specify print settings for selected items, such as Page Range, Number of Copies, Paper Source, Duplex, Orientation and Choose paper source by document page size

Make custom print settings for one or many files at once

Save your settings for future use

You can easily keep all your files arranged in a list along with individual print settings applied to them for later use. Just add documents into the List of Documents, make print settings for each of them, and then export the file list. See how to export a file list with custom print settings in further detail. If you also want Print Conductor to keep the same printer and settings since the latest session - make sure to switch "Remember printer name and settings" on in the Advanced Settings.

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