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Print Conductor is a simple batch printing utility. If you regularly have to open and print a large number of files, this elegant tool can be a real timesaver. Once you tell it which files to print, Print Conductor automates the rest of the process.

documents icon 140x130Print Conductor is easy to use. Create a list of files to be printed. All sorts of formats are supported: Adobe PDF, Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Visio, PowerPoint, Publisher), Autodesk AutoCAD, HTML, SVG, etc.

Print Conductor supports exporting file lists, which is helpful if the same files will be printed again later. After creating the list, select the printer you want to use. Any installed printer, including virtual printers, may be selected. The only thing left to do is click a button to start the print job.

free softwareWe’re happy to offer you Print Conductor for free for non-commercial use. Download it today and see for yourself how Print Conductor can streamline your document workflow!

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How to Print CAD Files in Batch Mode

Print Conductor can automate printing a large number of documents created by AutoCAD and SolidWorks. The program can also print PDF, XPS, HTML files, images, plain text, Microsoft Office and OpenOffice documents - all in batch mode.

Comments | Articles | by Mikhael Bolgov | October 31, 2014

Print SolidWorks, AutoCAD and XML files with Print Conductor 4.4!

The new updated version of Print Conductor – version 4.4 has been released by its developers - fCoder Group, Inc. The program is enriched with a number of new features and file formats, including, but not limited to printing XML and SolidWorks documents in batch mode.

Comments | News | by Mikhael Bolgov | October 29, 2014

Printing News Digest: October 27, 2014

Decide yourself what is easier to produce with a 3D-printer: home plants, or a real digital camera. The latter will definitely take longer to make, but it definitely does not contain any danger in comparison to a 3D-printed gun a Japanese young man was arrested for. Otherwise, 3D-pringing is developing further offering fully-functional knee transplants and already thinking how to perpetuate the memory of you after you leave this world.

Comments | Printing News Digest | by Mikhael Bolgov | October 27, 2014

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Chris Ridsdale

Chris Ridsdale

Truro and Penwith College, UK

“With the demand to print from staff and student owned devices, it was decided to make available an easy email-to-print solution. With the help of 2Printer, we wrote our own solution which allowed us to create a solution to meet our requirements.”

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