News about Print Conductor, Universal Document Converter, FolderMill, and other software released by fCoder Group Inc. These programs optimize document workflows, document printing, and document conversion.

Print Conductor 4.8 is ready for Printing Documents in Batch Mode!

The new version of Print Conductor – version 4.8 has just been released by fCoder Group. Print Conductor 4.8 can do more than before – it can print EML, PostScript, EPS and Autodesk Design Review DWF files.

Comments June 4, 2015


Print Documents with new Print Conductor 4.7 Free of Charge!

Print Conductor is the batch printing software that lets customers batch print PDF, HTML, text files, drawing, and images. The updated version has been enriched with new functionality and improvements, such as new Microsoft PowerPoint presentations printing component and optimized algorithm for PDF files printing.

Comments March 19, 2015


Print Conductor 4.6 now Prints Autodesk Inventor Drawings!

fCoder Group, Inc. has presented its newest version of Print Conductor – the software that is able to automate various printing tasks and can successfully print drawings. Print Conductor 4.6 offers automatic printing of Autodesk Inventor drawings and can print IDW, IPT, IAM and IPN files.

Comments January 25, 2015


Batch Print MHT and HTML Files using Print Conductor 4.6!

Batch printing of PDF files, text documents, images, CAD drawings, charts and presentations – this is the main task that Print Conductor solves. A new version of this software product can additionally automate printing of MHT files. DOCX and HTML files printing algorithms are also improved.

Comments January 21, 2015


Print Text Documents in Batch Mode with Print Conductor 4.5

Print Conductor software lets the customers print text documents in batch mode. The new version of Print Conductor contains improvements in the Microsoft Word DOCX files printing algorithm.

Comments December 19, 2014


Print PDF Documents Free of Charge!

Print Conductor can print PDF, XPS, HTML, JPG, DOC, PPT, XLS and 50 other document types in batch mode. No limits in the number of documents and the number of copies in the printing queue!

Comments December 9, 2014


New Bulk Printing Software is Ready for Your Service!

Print Conductor bulk printing software aims at overcoming a variety of complications printing involves. Office workers, who have to print hundreds of document every day, will benefit from this software.

Comments November 28, 2014


Print SolidWorks, AutoCAD and XML files with Print Conductor 4.4!

The new updated version of Print Conductor – version 4.4 has been released by its developers – fCoder Group, Inc. The program is enriched with a number of new features and file formats, including, but not limited to printing XML and SolidWorks documents in batch mode.

Comments October 29, 2014


Automate Printing of Outlook MSG Files with Print Conductor 4.3!

Automatic printing of MSG files with attached documents is now possible with Print Conductor 4.3 that has just been released by fCoder Group, Inc.

Comments August 18, 2014


Print PDF files, documents and images in batch mode using 2Printer command line tool!

2Printer 4.2 contains the redesigned HTML printing engine offering a wider range of printing solutions.

Comments June 18, 2014